The Next Step

The Next Step: Improving Life after College

Yes! I graduated….but now what?

What happened to that great job and fat paycheck??

Am I the only one who is not getting ahead???

Sound familiar? You are not alone! For many, the decision to attend college is based on the hope for a better future – a future with numerous job opportunities, increased happiness, and a comfortable income. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many of today’s college graduates.   Many stressful factors can get in the way of reaching personal and professional goals.   Good news, we can help!

Seven Steps to a Brighter Future:

  1. Get empathetic and practical support from peers and professionals.
  2. Identify factors that may keep you stuck.
  3. Learn positive coping strategies to manage stress, disappointment and procrastination.
  4. Set concrete, positive, and achievable goals.
  5. Focus on your strengths and learn how to market them successfully.
  6. Practice interview skills and build your networking and job search strategies.
  7. Enjoy and apply your improved self-confidence and new skills!


Groups will meet weekly for an hour on Wednesdays at 11am
or Thursdays at 2pm
Not available at these times? Contact us for other options.
FEE: $300 for 10 week group. 10% discount if paid in advance.