Educational Programs

Educational Programs

CFCE is not only a full-service counseling center, but also a center for educational growth and support. We aim to be a community resource and a modern day “front porch” where children, parents, and families are invited to meet, talk about what’s going on in their lives, and experience a variety of educational programs facilitated by therapists or parent coaches.

CFCE is a community of professionals who are passionate about sharing their extensive experience and unique skills and promoting on-going learning and trainings. At CFCE, we have a strong desire to educate others in ways that may help them to acknowledge and address issues and learn new information and strategies to enhance their lives and the lives of their families.

Please give us a call to register for or ask about any of our educational programs. We add programs as we see the need. If you are searching for a program that you are unable to find, please email or feel free to call to discuss it with us. We would love to hear from you!
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• Children and teens enjoy our CHILL groups for ages 5 to 16. CHILL stands for Create coping strategies; Honor mind and body; Inspire positive thinking; Learn life skills; and Laugh and have fun.
CHILL offers structured group time that fosters skill-building, creative and healthy outlets to work through challenging emotions, and affirming experiences that help kids develop the self support they need to create options and strategies for their challenging emotions. CHILL groups are offered every season and last eight weeks.

The Next Step
• The Next Step is a group for high-schoolers and parents to explore the unique challenges of the college search and application process. What makes CFCE stand out is that our classes address the relationship strains put upon families in times of change. Our facilitators see parents and teens separately in groups and then together. We take a holistic approach to the family to ensure everyone’s concerns are acknowledged and addressed.

Parent Child Groups
• Circle Time, a playgroup for toddlers and parents, teaches parents engaging, playful ways to help their child regulate emotion, build resiliency and develop social skills. Having fun together using these simple strategies helps deepen the connection between child and parent.

Parent Coaching and Parenting Workshops
• We also offer parenting groups, some structured and for a fee, others free and open to the community where we discuss subjects of general parenting interest.