Jessica Disipio

Jessica Disipio (Jess) is a Therapist-Intern at CFCE who has a passion for empowering children, teens, adults, and families in her therapeutic work. She is a second-year graduate student earning her Master of Social Work (MSW) from Stockton University in May of 2019.

Jessica completed her first-year internship as a school social worker at a proficiency-based, alternative education program serving students grades 6 through 12. She has experience integrating restorative, trauma-informed practices in her work with children and adolescents, and advocating on behalf of her clients to ensure their individual needs are met effectively in the home and school environments. Jessica has provided individual counseling for students struggling with anxiety, depression, school-avoidance, grief, histories of trauma, and foster-care placement. She has further experience co-facilitating psycho-educational groups in the alternative school setting.

Jessica believes empathy, compassion, and open-mindedness are key elements in the counseling relationship, and that we all have the propensity to heal when engaged as active participants in the therapeutic process. She uses a client-centered, individualized approach to counseling — implementing the person-in-environment and strengths-based perspectives — to provide clients with the appropriate tools to meet their mental health goals. Throughout her internship, Jessica hopes to partner with child, adolescent, and adult clients to help them achieve an overall sense of mental and emotional wellness.

Jessica graduated Cum Laude from Stockton University with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice in 2016. She, additionally, has over a decade of experience working in both private and public child-care settings, and four years of experience working in a geriatric care facility. For fun, Jessica enjoys taking day trips to historic and abandoned sites, going to concerts, spending time with her loved ones and cuddling with her dogs— Henry the Yellow Lab and Penelope the Pitbull. After graduation, Jessica plans to pursue her License of Clinical Social Work (LCSW) and hopes to one day become certified in Pet Therapy.