About Us

COVID-19 Update: CFCE is now providing private and convenient online therapy for new and current clients.  Contact us for more information!

We are a dedicated and compassionate group of exceptionally trained therapists working together to provide a wide range of services for children, adolescents, adults, and families.

We are widely respected for our ability to offer state-of-the-art therapeutic services for all ages in a caring, friendly and confidential environment. A plan for each client is developed based on their unique personal history, strengths and needs.
Although we see as many individual adults and couples, we are known for our excellence with children. Many of our therapists have advanced training in working with children using Play Therapy, Theraplay, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, and Parent-Child therapies. Our offices include fully equipped playrooms. Perhaps more importantly, we have a strong understanding of child development and are able to understand the roots of the child’s symptoms. We work with the child as a whole including his or her parents throughout the process.
The Center for Counseling and Education, LLC has grown since Meg established a small practice in 1996. We opened our Medford office early in 2015 excited to be a resource for Medford and surrounding communities. With a large group room and a commercial grade kitchen, our Medford office enables us to expand our Educational Programs.